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In the beginning my stories were born from the narrations that I made to my daughter throughout her childhood. The starting point was always improvised, based on a recent theme or suggested by her, but trying to have significant connotations for her child’s imagination. The narrative was built on the fly and making sense and leading to an end that ended up squaring the story.

My purpose has been to fix and polish and create new stories to perpetuate the pleasure I had explaining and its transmission to children still eager to hear this kind of stories.

To be represented in public I have endowed with more visual and expressive resources. In this sense, my training in theater, dance and body language has enabled me to do so, and I have precisely wanted to emphasize gestures, physicality, movement, tempo …, to complement and be as important as the oral narration. I also try to have (more or less according to the story) participation of children at specific moments of the story.

For me, the story is a tool of high pedagogical and formative value. I have tried to take into account these aspects in my stories, transmit values and knowledge while entertaining and nurturing the imagination of children. It also has a symbolic charge that goes to the unconscious and imaginary of children and that helps in its evolving stages of maturity.


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