Keke Shuga

Keke Shuga retains the playful, enthusiastic, cheerful, imaginative spirit of a child, who was and still lives sparkling inside and who longs to share his illusion with the children. His varied training in various disciplines (corporal expression, Katsu-gen, contemporary dance, improvisation -in dance and theater-, physical theater, performance, clown, interpretation, mask work …) has led him to create dance-theater shows that make it possible to bring dance and music to children, connect with their imagination, stimulate their fascination, and provide aesthetic experiences. And also entertain, have fun … and move.

For me, the story is a tool of high pedagogical and formative value. I have tried to take into account these aspects in my stories, transmit values and knowledge while entertaining and nurturing the imagination of children. It also has a symbolic charge that goes to the unconscious and imaginary of children and that helps in its evolving stages of maturit

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